Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hello I am pretty sure that no one sees this blog because I have no followers.  It is kind of sad.  but that's OK in due time everyone will read my blog witch is good because I am awesome and I know it.   Everyone else should know they are awesome because everyone is.  It is not a matter of popularity it is a matter of confidence.  It is a proven fact that if you tell yourself your dumb your brain will start looking for proof of that statement.  What the statistics fail to say is it works the other way too.  Tell yourself your awesome and your brain will  find proof for you.  In sports or activities telling yourself you will do good helps too. However don't say things like "I will not fall"  because your sub conscious will block out everything but the negative words so instead say "I will stay on my feet."  Don't forget to tell yourself how cool you are and actually mean it at least 3 time a day because... You are AWESOME

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